Our Weekly Public Cooking Classes are BACK!!!

After a two year hiatus, we have a beautiful commercial kitchen in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood, 10 minutes south of downtown! The Foundry by Herban Feast is the new home of NuCulinary’s Global Cooking School.

In the spirit of collaboration and strategic alliances, NuCulinary is partnering with Herban Feast Catering; Pastry Craft and Edible Seattle to bring you, our favorite students,  the best of culinary education through our classes and events.

We provide culinary knowledge, food traditions, and culture to novice and accomplished cooks to bring them to new levels of pleasure in the kitchen. Our classes are conducted in a professional kitchen by professional chefs and are dedicated  to building a community of eaters and cooks who join us at the table.

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NuCulinary Class Calendar
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Our New Location:
The Foundry by Herban Feast Catering
4130 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134 (formerly Urban Enoteca)

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Class Details
Classes are typically 2 ½ to 3 hours unless indicated for workshops.
Please wear comfortable clothes and you may bring an apron.
For hands-on classes please wear closed toe shoes and flat or low heels for safety. Plan to tie back long hair.
In sushi classes, you will eat as you roll…..very fun and very filling!
In hands-on meal classes you will work in teams on dishes and eat a meal toward the end of the class.
In demonstration classes you will eat samples during the class as dishes are prepared.

In Case You Need to Cancel
Cancellations are accepted 7 days in advance of class. You can log into your account on our calendar and cancel the class. You will then be  able to sign up for a new class or receive a full refund. Inside of seven days, we suggest that you arrange a substitute in your place. We do not make exceptions and do not refund inside the 7 day window. We are happy to provide a copy of the recipes if you miss the class. Please let us know if you are sending a substitute or have them notify us when they check in for class.

If You Are Sick
Please send a substitute. Just give us a call or email and let us know who we should welcome in your place or have them let us know when they check in.  If you are not attending, please let us know.

Special Food Allergies or Restrictions
Most of our classes are hands-on which means that there will be many hands in the kitchen. It is very hard to control for very severe allergies where the allergen may be present in the meal. Please call and discuss with Chef Naomi prior to your class and she can help you access if it is safe for you to eat the items prepared. We do publish our menus so that you can find a class that works for you. In the case of meat, no meat or religious preferences, we will try and have the cooking teams adjust if possible. Feel free to eat before you come or gauge the items you can eat so that we can make this the best experience possible for you.

If NuCulinary Cancels a Class
If we need to cancel a class, for any reason, we will notify you via email two days in advance. You will have your fees refunded to your NuCulinary account and if you would like it returned to your credit card, just an email indicating that is all you need to do.

Lead time and reminders
We ask that you sign up for class as soon as possible. We reserve the right to cancel a class if we do not have adequate enrollment and will make that decision three days before the class. Sign up early as we limit our classes for the best experience for you, the student.

Have a question? Just email or call Chef Naomi at 206.932-3855 or info@nuculinary.com

The styles of classes that we offer are:

Hands-on Class
If you like to get your hands in the pot, these are the classes for you! You’ll work alongside the chef, from the mise en place to the final presentation, getting the chance to apply new knife skills and cooking techniques.

When intended for a group, hands-on classes come in two varieties. For foods like sushi, dim sum, or wraps, each student is situated at their own work station and will follow along with the chef as everyone prepares the items.  For our other hands-on classes, we split into teams, with each small group preparing part of the menu at separate stations. Our chef circulates among the stations making sure you get plenty of instruction. When dinner is ready, the class comes back together to share the meal you all made. You’ll go home having gotten firsthand experience doing a piece of the cooking, while also enjoying the camaraderie of your group.

Demonstration Class
Sometimes it’s easiest to learn by watching. Demo classes feature guest chefs, popular instructors, or owner Naomi Kakiuchi, preparing a meal in front of you, which you then get to eat! These classes are great for people who want to watch every step of the process, take notes, and not miss a thing. So, sit back, let someone else handle dinner tonight, and take in the knowledge you need to make tasty Asian meals at your own table.

Knife Skills
Cut your kitchen prep time in half!Speed your way to delectable dinners with better knife skills. Our chef will teach you how to chop and dice an onion fast; process garlic three ways; and slice, dice and mince vegetables for even cooking and eye-catching meals. Learn tips on proper knife selection for your needs, and how to care for and keep you knives sharp for fast preparation. Plan to eat a light meal prepared with your perfectly cut ingredients.

Click here to Meet Our Chefs and Instructors

Gift Certificates
A cooking class is a gift that is fun, useful, GREEN and results in an occasion that your friends and family will always remember. Giving a gift certificate makes it easy for them to pick the time, place, and menu of their choice. We will email you or the recipient on the day you choose. Order now and put your mind at ease. Click here to order your gift certificate.

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Have you always wanted to learn the basics of cooking a certain cuisine but would really like to do it at home in your own kitchen?

Private Group Classes
Have you always wanted to learn the basics of cooking a certain cuisine but would really like to do it at home in your own kitchen?

NuCulinary gives private cooking lessons that will engage any home cook. Whether you’re an avid foodie or a kitchen newbie, we can design an experience to meet your interests. It can be as simple as a one-on-one with our chef, or make it a party and invite your friends! At your convenience, classes can be held in your home or at a local commercial kitchen.

Let us teach you new recipes and innovative ways of preparing meals that nourish and nurture. NuCulinary has expertise in many Asian cuisines including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Philippine, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Asian and Pan-Asian Northwest. As well as specialties such as Sushi, Dim Sum, Curries, Stir-frying, Noodles, Grilling, Soups, and Knife Skills.  

Our instructors work closely with you as you learn to create wholesome, healthy, flavorful meals. Every lesson is crafted to include food history, basic techniques for preparation and cooking, and facts about nutrition and food safety. Contact us to discuss pricing and menus for a group or private/corporate team building class.

 For information on our Corporate Team Events visit our page here.