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Making sushi at home
For Mother's Day, q13Fox's Kaci Aitchison invited Naomi and her Mom to demonstrate how to roll your own sushi.

Naomi, Kaci and Matsu

Video 1: Naomi shows Kaci the art of seasoning sushi rice.

Video 2: Naomi teaches Kaci how to make California rolls.

Video 3: Kaci gets an "A" in sushi rolling from Matsu (Naomi's mom).

Why so corny?"
Chef Jeremy McLachlan

Naomi is featured on Chef Jeremy MacLachlan's Seattle Radio show, Eat, Drink, and Be Happier. They discuss shopping at the farmers market, women who grill, & the infamous high fructose corn syrup. Play the July 17th interview by clicking here.


As seen in Frommer's 2010 Seattle Guide:
If you'd like to hone your Asian-cooking skills, take a class with NuCulinary.


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7 Quick Tips to Become a Sushi Snob

Sushi Class at Uwajimaya


NuCulinary - Bring global diversity into your everyday cooking

Have you ever gotten lost at Uwajimaya wondering what to buy, staring at unfamiliar seasonings and funny shaped vegetables? For those people who want to begin cooking Asian dishes but don’t know how to get started, NuCulinary offers great practical cooking classes at the Bellevue and Renton Uwajimaya stores and NVC Memorial Hall. NuCulinary President Naomi Kakiuchi was born and grew up in Seattle with her big Asian family.  After graduating Washington State University with a degree in nutrition and dietetics, she worked in the food sales business where she realized that she wanted to teach others the joys of cooking. Click here for the complete article.



O-Shogatsu: An Auspicious New Year’s Feast
By Ellen Bhang

We all love auspicious beginnings. O-Shogatsu, the Japanese New Year, provides the perfect occasion to wish family and friends longevity, good health, and prosperity. What better way to ring in the New Year than with the traditional foods known as osechi ryori? Click here to learn the background and significance of soul-satisfying ozoni, sweet-savory tatsukuri, and glistening kuromame...