We educate and inspire people
Whether you’re hosting a team or company meeting, or need a keynote for an important conference, NuCulinary presents knowledge and empowerment, encouraging people to nourish themselves, to grow their businesses, and to improve quality of life. We have given dozens of presentations on food, healthy eating, and food services management to audiences as diverse as Fortune 500 company meetings, dietary professional organizations, and food service businesses.

We belong to the following speakers’ bureaus:
Food and Culinary Professionals, A Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, www.foodculinaryprofs.org
Dietitians in Business and Communications, A Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, www.dbconline.org

We communicate important, timely knowledge
We present timely, informative topics designed to serve the needs of community and business. Below is a sample of some of the many topics we’ve presented:

For Corporate Wellness
  Eating Healthy On the Run - A Brown Bag Series
  Taste and Health - Cooking demonstration and lecture series
  Integrating Wellness in a Delicious Way!
For Consumers
  Northwest Flavors - Defining the Cuisine of the Pacific Northwest
  A Seafood Primer
  Healthy Habits for Wellness
For Food Service and Healthcare Professionals
  Returning to the Table: Food Trends Affecting Dietetic Practice
  Bringing the Hospitality Touch to Institutional Food Service
  The Power of Leading: Passionate and Spirited Connections

Partial client list

Real Networks
Sysco Food Services
Evergreen Everwell
Food Services of America
Claremont Hotel Elderhostel
The American Dietetic Association