Corporate Team Building

Microsoft Corporate Controllers team

Are you tired of fabricated Teambuilding exercises stuck in a conference room and want a hands-on experience that is authentic and delicious?

Do you want to do something fun and different with your work team?

Do you need a fun Out-of-the-Box team building event for your organization?

When you bring your team to us, we envelop them in hospitality; put delicious things in their mouths; and teach them how their efforts, small and large, are important to the success of the meal.

This isn’t just any old team event; it is building your team by allowing members to experience each other differently. We focus on the community of the table, the skill, and the comfort of the experience. The meal that they make together requires constant communication and a mixture of talent. There’s a whole lot of action just like a good functioning team at work.

Bring your team to us and we’ll orchestrate and facilitate the positive topsy turvy dynamics that happen when the hierarchy of the office loosens up with new leaders in the kitchen. Our unique organization of the big picture into small details with superb execution will provide you with all the elements of a creative and delicious outing with your associates.

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Clients that benefit most from our programs are:

  • Hard working technical and service providers who work many hours together but don’t usually find time to play together.

  • Teams who want to celebrate their accomplishments or jump start their new beginning as a team by getting acquainted.

  • Teams who are geographically separate but need to work closely on mutual customers or as a tag team providing continuous service to large customers.

  • Teams who are midway through long projects and need to take a break to celebrate their accomplishments-to-date and refresh their energies together to make it to the finish line.

  • Teams who may have diverse styles and perhaps some conflict who need a way to build a sense of community; to experience some play together and solidify their shared talents in an atmosphere of camaraderie, delicious tangible results and accomplishment.

  • Team members who want to have fun with each other; are open to changing up the hierarchy and sharing the lead or the follow.

  • Teams who are wanting a hands-on experience that is authentic and delicious;  and are tired of a fabricated exercise in a conference room.

  • Teams who are willing to play a different role from the office, to stand in each other’s kitchen clogs and understand their co-workers more intimately and positively.

Wells Fargo Team

The benefits our clients experience are:

  • Increased confidence and a sense of accomplishment together. Cooking together encompasses efforts by all, with the instant gratification that they built an amazing meal together from raw ingredients to a finished product.

  • Gaining new insights of the talents of their co-workers and of their own unique contribution.

  • Improved working relationships  because  they have forged a common language through making a common dish

  • Enhanced team solidarity by learning something new to all

  • The fostering of a healthy sense of competition while bringing the team together for a common goal.

  • Increased trust of each other as a result of positive accomplishments and greater understanding of each other in a non-work environment

Good Morning Naomi,

Thanks again to your team along with Gini and Barbara for putting together such an extraordinary team cooking event for us.  I have been hearing rave reviews from everyone about the whole experience. 

Denise Alexander
Wells Fargo Bank


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much we all enjoyed the event.  I had several people come up and tell me that this was the best morale event that we’d ever had.  I think everyone shared that sentiment.  The event was not only fun, but definitely team-building as well.  I thank you so much for you and your team’s efforts – this was an awesome event!

Thanks to everyone; we’ll definitely do this again and I will also recommend it to other managers!

Sherri Duran
Access Test Manager

Reflection from one of our Chef Instructors

I so enjoyed working on the corporate team event last week! It was a true “team building” because the groups came together with different levels of knowledge and worked through the recipes.  It was an experience of coming together with others to problem solve which was not an easy thing to do given the different levels of understanding of not only the ingredients but of the techniques involved as well. There was a healthy sense of competition to successfully complete the dish in the time allowed and make the presentation of the dish worthy.

Chef Susan Kalin


Corporate packages

Single Booking

General Electric team

In these sessions, we pave the way for your team to be effective, collaborative and well fed. Sessions are 2 ½ to 3 hours and includes a full meal prepared by the team.

Venue possibilities:

A team member’s private home or contact us for other venues.

Cost for Teambuilding Event:

Sessions average $90-$140 per person depending on number of team members and venue rental. Event minimums apply. Larger parties are quoted by event verses per person rate.

Multiple Booking Packages

Wells Fargo team

Go to the next level of effective team results with our multiple experience package.  Sequential learning of a cuisine and its advanced cooking and preparation techniques teach further team development. In this series, the team gathers monthly  or bi-monthly to advance their skills and their sharing of talents. Plan a series package and learn the ins and outs of Japanese, Thai or Chinese cooking as you travel the path of collaborative leadership development.

We offer only four multi-meal packages per year. Sessions dates are booked each month or bi monthly to allow the team to develop and retain cooking and team skills.

Sessions average $80-$135 per person for each event date.